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It's widely reported in developmental research that early environmental influences exert significant and positive effects on neural growth throughout the neocortex and limbic systems of the brain. Early visual stimulation has shown significant and positive effects in the area of the brain associated with visual/perceptual processing. This suggests that an enriched visual environment has the potential to increase neural and synaptic growth in the occipital lobe and facilitate development of visuoperceptual ability. We have smart cars and homes, so why not wear smart tees to nurture smart kids?

Dr. Darren Caffery, Neuropsychologist



...tee shirts that make our kids smarter. Genius.

Ann, NJ

A friend of mine recently had a baby and decided to go organic. Organic furniture, organic food and organic clothing. I always buy mommy and daddy gifts because the baby gets all the good stuff. After several Google searches I came across Bright Baby Tees. I knew I had found what I was looking for that they would both like. Organic, designed for the baby's eyeing pleasure, and fitted. The hardest part was deciding which of the awesome designs to go with! My purchase was simple, the transaction was easy and my shirts arrived soft and bright. Needless to say, my friends loved them. All her baby mobiles are the same concept and similar designs as these shirts; for the baby!! I will definitely be shopping here a lot. Thank you Bright Baby Tees!

Beth, NJ

I purchased a few Bright Baby Tees and am very happy with their quality, designs and price. The shirts are comfortable, they fit really well and feel very soft. I love the designs and so does my 14 month old daughter. She is currently starting to talk and loves to pronounce different words over and over until she gets them right. When I tell her what the names of the different shapes and animals on the shirts are, she repeats them while pointing at them. This becomes a game and it also occupies her attention for a while we are out. I like to know that even my clothes are stimulating my child's brain. I don't have to worry about bringing toys with us to the store if I am wearing a Bright Baby Tee. We just initiate to play a word game, this way we get to communicate as well. Thanks for the great idea.

Biliana, NJ

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