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Questions About Bright Baby Tees

Hey, thanks for asking! Be sure to check out our BBT Science pages for insights on IVS, Organic Cotton, and Phthalate Free Inks

We will update this section with actual questions from actual customers (you!) as they roll in. We really appreciate your time. All questions will be answered.

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What is your suggestion on a women who just delivered a baby, would you order a size larger or two sizes larger? How much will the shirts Shrink?

Jay, MA

Great Question! We want everyone who orders a Bright Baby Tee to love with their shirts for a long time. A big part of that is helping you order the right size! All our shirts are made with 100% preshrunk Cotton. There will be some level of shrinking for all the shirts, but it is a bit more prominent on the fitted tee shirt selections. A general rule is that the shirt may shrink 3-4%, but overall shape stays stable. Ordering a size larger than normal is recommended for the fitted shirts, unless you want them form fitting and tight. We recommend using cold water and the least amount of heat possible when using a dryer. The general rule is the more heat (water and air) the more shrinkage. After the first few washes the shirt will "settle" and conform nice and comfortably.

Please take a look at our size chart here

What is the difference between a Woman's Tee Shirt and a Woman's Fashion Fit?

Ann, NJ

A woman's organic cotton tee shirt is a regular tee shirt, but cut more for a woman's body than a regular unisex shirt. The body is more tapered and less baggy fitting, but still fits like your favorite comfortable shirt. A woman's Fashion Fit certified organic cotton tee shirt is jersey shirt material, but softer & much more fitted than a tee shirt- in fact, you may want to order a size up from what you would normally wear in a regular tee shirt since these fitted shirts are meant to hug your body!

Please review our size chart so we get your size right the first time!

Why do you call yourselves Bright Baby Tees yet I can't find any shirts for my baby to wear?

Deneen, NJ

Wow, we are getting this question a lot, and we couldn’t agree more! We are excited to begin development to include some great styles for toddlers and newborns, as well as and expanded line for the whole family!

Originally, our line of certified cotton shirts were created for the parent or caregiver to wear while interacting with the infant. As you hold your baby or play with your child as they sit on your lap, they are in perfect viewing distance of your Bright Baby Tee design. The more you hold your babies the more our designs will provide valuable visual input! We do currently offer childrens tee shirts so that older siblings can wear a BBT and interact with their baby brother or sister also!

What is the best way to maximize wearing a BBT?

Mary, MA

That's the beauty of it, all you need to do is wear your Bright Baby Tee! Play with your baby and you're stimulating your baby's brain growth! Of course, if you really want to maximize infant visual stimulation (IVS), while holding the child point out the colors on your shirt and talk about the designs aloud to them. Make sure you are close enough to their short vision span (about 10-12") that they can see the design. The rest will take care of itself! *

*Special Note: We need to mention the subtleties of this process as well. Repetition and rotation of a few designs is going to be best for your children. Picture it like your children’s favorite books, minus the bookshelf! The more you wear the designs the more exposure you children will have. The more comfortable they become. Your kids are always looking at you! So sitting at the table or walking through the playroom, you are building familiarity as well as creating opportunities for developmental stimulation.

I have already bought 6 of your designs! Someone around here is always wearing one! When can I expect more?

Jamie, NC

Thank you for supporting us! Every shirt we sell helps us grow! We have over 60 new designs in the final stages of development and we cant wait to release them! We are also developing design contests and educational funds for artists who become contributors to our line.

Other exciting design developments:

  • We are exploring and researching a primary color line of IVS designs. These designs will incorporate more color with educational & artistic goals for children of all ages.
  • We have coined the phrase "Compound infant visual stimulation." Our design goal is to develop designs that will incorporate as many traditional IVS techniques into single cohesive images. Our theory is that these types of images will also potentially "compound" benefits to the children engaged with them.

From Dinosaurs to DaVinci, we are excited about our drawing board! We hope you will be too! Thanks again for your support.

My friend was telling me about BBT and IVS and I told her she was crazy. I like your site but I'm not sure if it really works?

Natasha, NJ

LOL! We understand. We aren't making grand claims! We can't guarantee your child will become the next Einstein! We really learned about it from our kids. They really enjoyed our regular tee shirts so we thought about making a tee shirt for them. The trick was that we would wear the shirts! After some serious thought and design development we decided to try a prototype. So we printed up some shirts. Both our children 6 and 30 months, at the time, just responded beyond our expectations. We talked about it to people, gave samples out and everyone really loved them. So we developed some unique designs, and added a bunch of great features on top of the original IVS goals. All we can say is, "Give it a try!" Buy a shirt and we hope you and your children will begin benefiting right away. If you are glad you did please tell your friends! If not, please don't tell your friends!! Let us know what we can do to improve. Thank you!

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