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Dear Friends,

"When our oldest daughter was born, we noticed that she became fixated looking at the black and white designs my husband often wore on his t-shirts. She was so interested in the designs on his shirts we took a closer look into Infant Visual Stimulation (IVS). We had read about IVS and knew a little bit about it. We found some interesting facts that made sense with what we were experiencing with our daughter and talked about how great it would be to have organic kids clothing with designs specifically made to stimulate and engage our children. We found some flash cards and toys, but we couldn't find any clothing.

Later, when our second daughter was born, she had the same fascination as her older sister with our shirts. We just had to design our own line of shirts! We tested our first BBT designs with both of them, and we were very surprised at how much they responded to them. To add to our excitement, our older daughter (now almost four), also loved the shirts and would sit on our laps and point to the different designs and talk about them with us and her sister. We were really on to something!

Photo of plantWe thought that if we could produce quality products with educational, visually stimulating designs, which helped in the interaction and development of our children, who wouldn't want one? Then we added more value and committed to organic t-shirts and clothing as well as inks that are phthalate & formaldehyde free. We wanted the total package! We think you will enjoy our shirts even more knowing that they are safe for our family to wear and safe for our environment too!

We are so happy for the opportunity to offer you our products that we believe make so much sense.

Thanks for visiting,
Kelly Hagan
Founder BBT

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